What participants get from the workshop:

  1. Understanding the social and psychological barriers to cross-race dialogue that can erode trust and maintain social hierarchies and disadvantages for Black, Brown, and Indigenous clients
  2. What science tells us that is effective in overcoming these barriers and reduce bias in coaching
  3. Coaching questions to deploy immediately to talk about race and racial justice with clients and help drive system change
  4. Practice with evoking, invoking, and provoking racial justice conversations with coaching clients

What participants have said:

"Love the deep knowledge and learning that comes from Masa being so well educated and the historical context."

"I really didn't feel like it was 2 hours, and I felt engaged and supported through the learning. The scenarios/vignettes were great and applicable and I could see an immediate return on what I learned."

"Really loved the Q-Storm, interaction, engagement, and the scenarios."

"Practical framework, supported by data, grounded in humanity and love."

"There is the right balance of listening to theory and having the opportunity to share."

"The materials are awesome. Great job referring to scholars and sources."